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Congresswoman Speier Announces Funding for Four Month Beach Blvd, Esplanade, and Milagra Outfall Studies:

Wednesday Jan 25, 2017

Congresswoman Jackie Speier announced this afternoon that the Army Corps of Engineers would be performing four month Federal Interest Termination Studies on Beach Blvd, Esplanade Ave & Milagra Outfall.

The three projects were funded for up to $150,000 total after which they would be considered as possible candidates for a full blown federal interest study including CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) and NEQA (Natl Environmental Quality Act).

Should the city be approved for either of these three projects by the Army Corps of Engineers, the federal government would fund 65% of the cost and the City of Pacifica would have to fund 35% of the project, which would likely be through state or county grants.

Cliffhanger 4: City Council to Approve $218,650 from Excess ERAF Fund #30 To Destroy 310 Esplanade

Wednesday Jan 04, 2017

On Wednesday the City is expected to formally approve payment to demolish 310 Esplanade almost a year after it was yellow tagged.

Four competitive bids were taken, and SV Demolition is likely to be awarded the contract.

AGENDA: City Council Meeting Weds Jan 04 2017

Esplanade Beach Trail's Switchback Sinkhole from Drone

Monday Dec 19, 2016

Cliffhanger 4! City Announces 310 Esplanade Ave to be demolished!

Thursday Dec 15, 2016

"PACIFICA — City officials announced Thursday evening they need to demolish a privately owned apartment complex that sits atop a retreating cliff on the northern end of Pacifica.

The building at 310 Esplanade Ave. was evacuated last winter because of coastal erosion. The city claims the owner of the building has neglected it since then.

Two apartment buildings directly south of 310 Esplanade were demolished in February and March."

MERCURY NEWS: Pacifica to demolish another clifftop building

MEETING re:2.1M Gal Sewage Tank at Community Center Thurs Dec 15 6:30-8:00pm

Wednesday Dec 14, 2016

THURS: Dec 15 6:30PM - 8:00PM
The City of Pacifica will hold a "Notice of intent to adopt a mitigated negative declaration for the City of Pacifica wet weather equalization basin project" meeting on:

PLANNING: Equalizatoin Basin Comment Period Dec 8 2016 - Jan 13 2017

Coastal Commission to Pacific Skies Estates Mobile Home Park: Redo your Coastal Hazards Analysis

Monday Oct 03, 2016

UPDATE: After discussion, the Planning Commission continued this meeting until Dec 5 2016.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Last year's sale of Pacific Skies Estates mobile home park was one of the most expensive per lot sales in US history.

By the time the Coastal Commission had rejected the City's arguments that the plan was exempt from the Coastal Plan, the vast majority of 93 units had been evicted or moved, significantly reducing Pacifica's affordable housing segment.

They're back with a redone application the Coastal Commission states is not adequate.

"...(Coastal) Commission staff has read the supplemental response from the applicants (received September 27, 2016) regarding the concerns raised in Commission staff’s August 29, 2016 letter (attached, and also included in the City’s staff report). In addition we read the City’s staff report for the proposed redevelopment project at Pacific Skies Estates. As stated in the staff report and in the supplemental response from the applicants, appropriate setbacks were not analyzed assuming the absence of the existing revetment, so appropriate setbacks may be underestimated (specifically, the current proposed setback of 35 feet).

Pacifica’s LCP cites and incorporates Coastal Act Section 30253 (see LUP page C-10) which requires that new development (as a redevelopment of this park would be) minimize risks to life and property in areas of high geologic hazards, such as this project site. Further, it requires that new development assure structural stability and integrity, not contribute to erosion, or require protective devices that substantially alter natural landforms. If the appropriate setback for the proposed redevelopment assumes the existing revetment remains in place, then it is relying on a shoreline protective device for safety and is likely inconsistent with Coastal Act Section 30253. Because appropriate setbacks may be underestimated given the requirements of the LCP and the Coastal Act, and because the likelihood of an appeal to the Commission on this project is high, Commission staff still has outstanding concerns as laid out in the August 29, 2016 letter and would advise the applicant to re-do their supplemental analysis, taking into account all of the concerns cited in our August 29, 2016 letter. "

PACIFIC SKIES ESTATES: Application with non-essential 1997 documents removed

31 Room Three Story Hotel Coming to Montara

Thursday Aug 25, 2016

A 31-room, three-story hotel may be in the works in Montara, according to permit applications submitted this month to the San Mateo County Planning and Building Department.

On Aug. 5, Paul McGregor submitted applications for the major development on Main Street that would include underground parking and two residential dwelling units on the top floor of the hotel, according to the county website.

McGregor is a local developer who has built primarily single-family homes on the Coastside since the 1980s. This development would be his largest, according to Camille Leung, a senior planner at the planning and building department who is reviewing the application for completeness....

If the project is approved as the plans stand now, the hotel will be among the largest on the Coastside. “I’m not aware of any hotel project this size in Montara,” said Midcoast Community Councilmember Lisa Ketcham. "

HMB REVIEW: 3-story hotel proposed for Montara Prev Previous Azevedo celebrates 65 years Friends, fans gather for event Next Next Up Pair arrested in home invasion Authorities have arrested two C

HMB to Host General Plan, Local Coastal Land Use Plan Update Meeting Tonight 6:30pm Thurs Jun 2 2016

Thursday Jun 02, 2016

"The city’s General Plan Advisory Committee will host two meetings this month to discuss and gather input on the draft Local Coastal Land Use Plan, or LUP — a state-mandated document covering a range of city facets from the preservation of open space to accommodating transportation demand and the centerpiece of the city’s General Plan.

Half Moon Bay is just one of two cities throughout the state that is entirely located within the Coastal Zone — meaning the Coastal Commission must ultimately approve the LUP which has more rigorous requirements than a typical general plan, said Jill Ekas, the city’s senior management analyst working on the plans...

The first public hearing begins 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 2, at 537 Kelly Ave. Another meeting will be held Thursday, June 30. Visit for more information and to review the draft LUP. "

SM DAILY JOURNAL: Half Moon Bay outlines goals, plans: Public input sought for city’s General Plan, Local Coastal Land Use Plan

FAA Releases Phase One Initiatives Regarding Airplane Noise Over Pacifica

Monday May 16, 2016

FAA has just released their long-awaited Phase One Initiatives regarding airplane noise in Northern California:

Thurday May 19 at 7:00PM there will be a meeting at Pacifica City Council Chambers regarding these initiatives.

Uoyakutei Japanese Restaurant Coming to Burned Out Prime Rib Location at 4408 Pacific Coast Hwy

Wednesday May 11, 2016

Please welcome Uoyakutei Japanese restaurant coming to the recently rebuilt Prime Rib Location at 4408 Pacific Coast Highway.

Sushi, Sashimi & Fish Tacos.

Endangered Esplanade Ave Home to be Jacked off Foundation Today, Moved to Different Location

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

A family in Pacifica is taking drastic measures to keep their dream home intact.

The Pacifica cliffside was the site of major damage in January as storms caused high tides and erosion.

The couple's home is set off Esplanade Ave.

Tuesday, a moving company will begin lifting the home off its foundation, partly by using hydraulic jacks. The decision was to do that or demolish the house that is now on dangerous ground.

The home will be moved somewhere permanently later this week.

NBC: Family to Move Pacifica Cliff Dream Home to New Location

Planning Commission, Economic Development Committee & Library Committee Appointed Replacements

Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

At the April 11, 2016 Pacifica City Council meeting, the following commissioners and committee members were appointed.

Rich Campbell
Jack Baringer
Tom Clifford

Tonia Boykin

Trish Sholl
Vanessa Powers
Jerry Crow
Barbara Eikenberry

Ginny Jaquith

Monday City Council Agenda Highlights Housing Element, Pavement Condition Index

Friday Apr 08, 2016

UPDATE: See if your street will be repaved 2016, 2020, or never by clicking here:

Monday's City Council Meeting will highlight the housing element of the general plan and the pavement condition index.

The three largest checks we will write are:
$133,700.08 Publie Employees Retirement System (PERS)
$83,000.00 TIDES Pacifica Resource Center
$11,345.27 Flyers Energy LLC (likely fuel costs)

Pacifica City Council Agenda April 11 2016

TONIGHT 7PM at Council Chambers Pacifica Quarry Conceptual Plan Study Session for Planning Department

Thursday Mar 31, 2016


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission of the City of Pacifica will conduct a study session on Monday, April 4, 2016 at 7:00 p.m., in the Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Boulevard, Pacifica, to consider the following:

CONCEPTUAL PLAN FOR DEVELOPMENT OF THE PACIFICA QUARRY, filed by Elizabeth Shreeve of SWA Group, agent for property owner Preserve at Pacifica, LLC. The conceptual plan includes a hotel and conference venue, multi-family housing units; retail and office space; recreational trails; and, permanent open space. The concept includes development on approximately 22 acres of the 86-acre site.

A study session will allow the Planning Commission to receive input from City staff and the public regarding this potential future development application. The study session is open to the public, although it is not a public hearing and the Planning Commission will take no formal action.

Questions may be directed to the Planning Department, 1800 Francisco Boulevard, Pacifica by contacting Christian Murdock, Associate Planner, at (650) 638-7341 or Anyone interested may appear and be heard at the time and place noted above. The City of Pacifica will provide special assistance for disabled citizens upon at least 24 hours advance notice to the City Manager's office (65) 738-7300. If you need sign language assistance or written material printed in a larger font or taped, advance notice is necessary. All meeting rooms are accessible to the disabled.

Pacific Skies Estates Ceases Redevelopment Work, will Submit Coastal Development Permit to City of Pacifica

Wednesday Mar 30, 2016

Sometime in March 2016, Pacifica Skies Estates ceased all redevelopment work and submitted a Coastal Development Permit application to the City of Pacifica.

This Coastal Development Permit application will probably be heard by the Planning Commission in April.

Room With a View: Workers Punch Through 320 Esplanade to Ocean

Sunday Mar 13, 2016

About 3pm Saturday, a lone wall of windows on the North side of the building was the only thing standing between the road and the ocean.

Workers attempted to keep the wall on the cliff, but as soon as the excavator touched the header beam it fell off the cliff onto the beach below.

First Bite: 320 Esplanade Cliffhanger Falls to The Claw!

Saturday Mar 12, 2016

320 Esplanade fell to the claw just before 9AM this morning.

Several news crews took footage, drone operators caught the scene from above, and Sam Singer Associates Alex Doniach handed out glossy color printouts of the cliff face with a small red circle on them.

City Manager Lorie Tinfow and Public Works Director Van OCampo were on hand to give interviews.

Cliffhanger 320: To be Demolished Tuesday Mar 8, 2016 at 8:00AM

Monday Mar 07, 2016

The 20-unit coastal complex at 320 Esplanade Ave. is the second of three structures to be demolished along the imperiled edge where, in recent months, El Niño storms have sped up the cliff’s erosion.

“We need to demolish it now,” Pacifica City Manager Lorie Tinfow said Sunday. “Deteriorating conditions on the adjacent bluffs present a clear danger, and demolishing this structure is the only way to prevent it from crumbling to the beach below.”

Pacifica city officials will fence off the apartments and begin removing hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead Monday before the excavators come in and demolition work begins at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

SFGATE: Precarious Pacifica cliffside apartments to be demolished Tuesday

PRESS RELEASE: Hearing on Demolition of 310 Esplanade Continued until Mar 23, 2016

Storm: City Officials Worried

Saturday Mar 05, 2016

Pacifica is bracing for the return of El Nino by preparing for heavy wind, rain and pounding surf - all which are expected this weekend, especially along the Pacifica coastline. Public works crews in Pacifica are closing streets and filling potholes along the city's waterfront where an angry Pacific Ocean could produce giant swells up to 20 feet during the weekend's storms. "We're getting 1.5 inches of rain this weekend through Sunday. That's a short amount of time and that's among my concerns," explained Raymond Biagini with Pacifica's Public Works Department.

ABC7 NEWS: City officials worried over Pacifica coast as weekend storm approaches

Construction Begins on Fairmont Safeway

Thursday Feb 11, 2016

Construction began today on the Fairmont Safeway at the 700 block of Hickey Blvd As we reported September 9, 2015 "Safeway/Albertsons will be returning to the former location of the Lucky Supermarket in December of 2015, usurping between 1500 and 2000 square feet from the adjacent Dollar Store, which will remain in place but smaller."

Cliffhanger Appeal! Esplanade Owner Millard Tong files Evacuation Appeal to be Heard Feb 17 2017

Thursday Feb 04, 2016

Various parts of the city have taken a beating from El Niño this winter and the 20-unit apartment building at 310 Esplanade Ave. was yellow-tagged with its several dozen residents forced to leave Jan. 25.

City officials contend they’ve done their best to keep the low-income residents apprised of the severity of the erosion and were acting to protect public health and safety. But the property owner, who is also responsible for a neighboring apartment building that was condemned several years ago after the bluffs it sat atop were significantly compromised, wants a second opinion.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance with which the city became familiar when it condemned the apartments at 320 Esplanade Ave. in 2010 — shortly after owner Millard Tong bought the properties for $6 million in 2006, said resident Bart Willoughby.

Now, Tong is filing for bankruptcy and appears to be unable to afford the cost of demolishing the properties with the city of Pacifica considering how to come up with the funds.

SM DAILY JOURNAL: Dispute over condemned apartments: Pacifica property owner appeals city orders to evacuate building

California Coastal Records Project Photos Show Esplande Cliffs Disappearance Since 1972

Wednesday Feb 03, 2016

Stunning aerial photographs archived online by the California Coastal Records Project show the historic retreat of the cliffs in Pacifica — erosion that has left three now-vacant apartment buildings on Esplanade Avenue teetering on the edge of an 80-foot precipice.

The archived photographs are among 15,000 taken each year of virtually every inch of the coastline from Oregon to Mexico documenting erosion and other changes over time. The first photograph, from 1972, shows a relatively large bluff with a cement path between the ocean and the apartments and a more gentle slope down to the beach that residents said they were once able to climb down.

SFGATE: Aerial photos over decades show ocean's devouring of Pacifica cliffs

California Coastal Records Project

LA TIMES: A coastal town's long and stormy relationship with El Niño

Monday Feb 01, 2016

Waves gnashed out a section of the sea wall last week and are threatening to eat parts of the street it protects. Since December, storm surf has damaged the end of the concrete pier and carved away sandy cliffs. Officials condemned one apartment building — next to two others that had been evacuated in 2010 — and at least two homes.

These bluffs have been hammered by the ocean for millenniums. What makes Pacifica — a string of seaside hamlets along six miles of coast — so vulnerable is that the land is loose.

Tectonic stresses in this northern spur of the Santa Cruz Mountains have fractured and ground down granite, shale and sandstone into rock fragments that don't compact as well as soil. And some of the coastal bluffs are composed of little more than sand....

Storms in the 2009-10 winter, a moderate El Niño, forced officials to red-tag two apartment buildings on Esplanade at the edge of a 70-foot cliff. According to the California Coastal Commission manager for the district, Nancy Cave, the owners of the buildings obtained emergency permits in 2003 to drop boulders at the base of the cliff to keep the waves from eating it away. They were required to come back with plans for a permanent fix but never did.

LA TIMES: A coastal town's long and stormy relationship with El Niño

Pedro Point "Call of the Wild" Swinger's Party Canceled

Friday Jan 29, 2016


Earlier this week we posted some complaints from Pedro Point residents about a sex party advertised on both EventBrite and SinergyEvents to be held at a local home that had been the subject of numerous complaints and a lawsuit or two.

The event planner claimed he had previously held a party at the home, while the homeowner not only claimed no knowledge of the event, he apparently called it "an absolute lie" through a posting on another local website.

A San Francisco TV station has confirmed :
"Organizer says the event has been cancelled & relocated.", and the event planner's website now states:

"Turns out our Call of the Wild party looked a little to wild for some of the residents of Pacifica and they have asked us to relocate the event. While we are proud of what we present and represent we also want to be respectful and avoid conflict...

With that said I am pleased to announce that we are likely relocating to the Sky Loft in San Francisco. This venue has three floors as well as a rooftop patio with all the stars you can stand staring right back at you. Will be a fantastic replacement and in many ways an upgrade!"


FLASHBACK Sept 2015: How the Coastal Commission Decision on El Granada Fire Station Could Affect the New Pacifica Library

Thursday Jan 21, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: We originally printed this article on Sept 05 2015 and are escalating it due to it's relevance on the new library at 2212 Beach Blvd.

On Nov 4 2015 we asked the Coastal Commission for clarity on this decision as it related to 2212 Beach Blvd property, and the Coastal Commission subsequently wrote the City of Pacifica a letter of support regarding a new library at 2212 Beach Blvd on Nov 20 2015, but several other agency’s involvement in sea level rise may also affect that site.

The California Coastal Commission's recent letter stating the law does not allow public buildings to be built in the Tsunami inundation zone could mean trouble for Pacifica.

Eventually municipalities with more rainy day legal dollars than SMC or Pacifica will probably litigate this significant decision on a case by case basis, but for Pacifica it could affect several pending public building projects.

If denied, City of Pacifica may make an argument that renovating or re-purposing a public building is not prohibited construction, particularly if the renovations contribute to making the property more natural-disaster-resistant.

Another option available to the city would be to hire a civil engineering consultant who would further research the issues and provide supports indicating the property was unlikely to be affected by tsunami inundation possibly based on Pacifica's undersea profile.

HMB REVIEW: Coastal Commission pours cold water on fire station plans

Pacifica Limestone Quarry Developer John Zentner Presentation at Open Spaces Committee Jan 20 2016

Thursday Jan 21, 2016

Developer John Zentner of Zenter & Zentner presented his wetland mitigation bank proposal to the Open Spaces Committee Weds Jan 20 2016.

This was considered a preliminary informative proposal with no official applications yet filed.

Mr. Zentner presented two possible scenarios, #1 a rough star shaped diagram of water depths and #2 a hand painted rendering of four, parallel, kidney-shaped ponds.

Zentner stated they would be presenting a proposal to the IRT (Interagency Review Team consisting of Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, and several other agencies).

QUARRY: Developer John Zentner's Jan 20 2016 Open Spaces Presentation

EPA: Wetlands Mitigation Banking Factsheet

SMC Supervisors Extend 45 Day Mobile Home Park Emergency Ordinance for Two Years!

Thursday Dec 17, 2015

As expected, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors has opted to continue its temporary moratorium on closing or converting mobile home parks in unincorporated areas until 2017.

The board first adopted the ordinance in a unanimous meeting at its Nov. 17 meeting as several mobile home parks in the Bay Area faced conversion or closure. Per state law, the measure would have expired 45 days after its adoption on Jan. 1, 2016, had the board not extended it.

With the board’s approval of an extension on Tuesday, the moratorium will now last two years from the original date of approval. During this period, the county will study potential land use regulations to preserve this type of housing.

HMB REVIEW: Supervisors extend mobile home protections

Private Tour: SFO Prepares to Hand New Tower over to FAA

Friday Dec 11, 2015

Through some work we're doing with SFO airport we had the rare opportunity to tour the completed new control tower.

The new "Tulip" is significantly taller than the current tower (visible out window in top photo), and higher than the original tower to the right.

Next week SFO turns the completed tower over to the FAA forever, and begins a six week transition process to swap all equipment and systems to the new tower.

Dec 21 Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

Thursday Dec 10, 2015

The Dec 21 Planning Commission regular meeting has been cancelled.

Pedro Point Grocery Outlet Poised for Dec 10 Grand Opening

Saturday Nov 28, 2015

The Pedro Point Grocery Outlet is on target for it's grand opening on Dec 10, 2015.

Internally, Safeway expects sales at the Linda Mar Safeway to drop 25% due to cannibalization from the Pedro Point Grocery outlet, and more than three employees have already jumped ship.

San Mateo County Puts 45 Day Ban on Mobile Home Park Closures/Conversions

Wednesday Nov 18, 2015

EDITOR’s NOTE: This county ordinance is very similar to the ordinance proposed last month by Councilmember John Keener. It applies only to unincorporated San Mateo County, SMC does not have jurisdiction inside Pacifica on this matter.
Eight mobile home parks in unincorporated San Mateo County cannot close or make major conversions for the next 45 days as the Board of Supervisors adopted a temporary urgency ordinance Tuesday. The ongoing housing crisis in the Bay Area has led to concern about the preservation of affordable housing in mobile home parks, according to a report by County Manager John Maltbie. The report notes that some mobile home park owners in the area have moved toward building high-density housing, in Palo Alto, or luxury manufactured homes on their properties such as proposed at the Pacific Skies Estates mobile home park in Pacifica.

DAILY JOURNAL: County bans mobile home park closures and conversions

2016 Date for Palmetto Streetscape Construction
Establishes Palmetto as "Downtown Pacifica"

Tuesday Nov 17, 2015

The 2212 Beach Blvd proposal drops word that the $1.7M phase 1A of the Palmetto Streetscape project, poised to begin construction in Jan 2016, will probably begin later in the year, effectively establishing Palmetto as ‘Downtown Pacifica’.

Palmetto "Main Street" & Streetscape

“The community has developed plans for an evolution of Palmetto Avenue into a Main Street with retail and restaurant on the ground floor and other uses behind and above. Streetscape upgrades from Clarendon in the south to Paloma in the north are scheduled to start construction late 2016. The streetscape will include improvements adjacent to the Beach Boulevard hotel and library site, with special emphasis at the corner of Montecito and Beach Boulevard, next to this site.”

Page 11 of the Beach Blvd RFQ details Palmetto Streetscape

Pacifica Quarry: Squinting and Pointing with John Zentner

Sunday Nov 15, 2015

We trekked out to the quarry and spent an afternoon grilling Project Manager John Zentner on his developer Eenhorn's plans for the quarry, sticking cameras into culverts, squinting and seeing the likely future. There will likely be three groups of apartment buildings (only Group 1 is shown). Parcel is 88 acres, 20 of 36 acres of flat lands will be converted to wetlands for sale as credits using some of the 450,000 gallons of treated sewage each day Calera Creek Reclamation Center pours back into the ground (Zentner's numbers). North Coast County Water District owns that water. Whether it's current treatment level is acceptable habitat for the federally endangered species Zentner has spotted on the property is a matter of debate. All building will be on the "hills" rather than the "flats". Five units of residential housing will be placed over the top on the ocean side of the hill's peak. On visual inspection, the culvert in question appears to be CSP, galvanized, corrugated steel pipe in good condition on the interior, covered only at the Southern end with a small amount of dry standing sediment inside the pipe (culvert). Zenter stated the long trenches being dug by excavator were done for soil samples and stated he would get back to us with the name of that process.

Pacific Skies Estates $42M Deal likely Most Expensive Mobile Home Park Puchase in US history

Tuesday Nov 03, 2015

1446537630 Mobile home park purchases are typically benchmarked by a ratio of purchase price per number of units. The Carlyle Group's $42M purchase price of the 93 PSE units would place that ratio at $451,613 per lot. This month's Carlyle Group's $180M Plaza Del Rey purchase in San Jose is benchmarked at $250,000 per lot. Hometown America's Prescott Arizona purchase benchmarked at $121,000 per lot.

The Carlyle Group's $42M purchase price of the 93 PSE units would place that ratio at $451,613 per lot.

This month’s Carlyle Group*rsquo;s $180M Plaza Del Rey purchase in San Jose is benchmarked at $250,000 per lot.

Find Out Which Flight is Consistently Producing Excessive Noise Over Your Home!

Monday Nov 02, 2015

If your home is experiencing excessive noise you can identify the SFO flight over your home with one click in real time at:
Wolfram finds the flight over your house!

If you want more complete aircraft data check out:
Find out which SFO flights are over your house right now!
Email us at if you’ve got a flight on a consistent time/day that is repeatedly bothering you and we’ll shed some light of day on it.

Wolfram finds aircraft over your house right now!

Flight Aware: See real time flight maps over your home!

Is Half a Panda Express coming to Denny's Linda Mar?

Saturday Sep 19, 2015

We were first saw contractors at the old Denny's Tuesday morning about 10am. Contractors later in the week suggested a Panda Express shared location was coming to the old Denny's location. Fact checking that claim shows that Panda Express distribution is currently capable of serving the area. We prefer their "Innovation Kitchen" style restaurants and hope they'll consider going this direction in Pacifica. Panda Express Innovation Kitchen on YELP. ( PS, if you haven't joined our YELP army yet email us at We're helping out small Pacifica-based businesses we like on occasion.)